Framed: Unique design with zinc and copper

Framed is a unique design with an extraordinary expression with a cabinet in patinated copper or zinc that frames the wood drawers. Both copper and zinc strike a beautiful contrast to the wooden drawer fronts and highlight the inherent qualities of the wood. In an elegant detail, the cabinet has an oblique profile that lends the drawers a floating appearance.



Behind the model






Oregon Pine, Ash, Light oil, Zinc, Copper

The solid drawers are joined with hidden dovetail joints, which in combination with the recessed partitions makes it possible to present the grain of the wood in an unbroken pattern. The gaps between the drawers act as grips. The cabinet frame also serves as a worktop – a design solution that is both refined and functional, as both metals require minimal maintenance and only get more beautiful with age.

The model sparks associations to traditional copper and zinc kitchenware and integrates these archetypal components in a timeless design where the encounter of different materials gives rise to a unique and impactful contrast.