Based on the intricate layers of architecture, Baks Architects, in collaboration with Garde Hvalsøe, has crafted a design that delves into the depths of architectural precision. This subtle, vertical design unfolds the sublime craftsmanship in multiple layers and is a manifestation of meticulously planned lines.



Behind the model






Layers – Dinesen Oak

The simple fronts are realized using Dinesen’s product series, Dinesen Layers. These fronts add a natural lightness to the space and, like the rest of the furniture, are crafted by Garde Hvalsøe.
The experience of the most refined nuances of craftsmanship is pronounced, and every detail has been worked through to the deepest layer.

In contrast to many of Garde Hvalsøe’s signature designs, Baks Architects with Layers has added a vertical touch to the collection. The grain patterns celebrate the natural vertical progression of wood and reflect the forest’s aspiration towards the sky.

Architect Rasmus Baks’ vision has been to create a clean, Nordic, and uniform design that can be implemented in every corner of the home. This design transcends the aesthetic and aims to create a sense of unity and harmony in every space. With a focus on the deepest layer of architectural refinement and respect for the vertical elements of nature, Baks Architects and Garde Hvalsøe have together shaped a unique and timeless expression.