Historical Home With a Wine Room

The former forest manager’s residence was love at first sight and has been renovated with loving care and a keen sense of aesthetics and quality in materials that complement the property’s many original details. Wood is a recurring theme, from the floors to the old beamed ceilings and new batten ceilings, which bring a warm atmosphere to the bespoke wine room. The wine room is hand-crafted in oak with features that meet every need for the correct storage of wine and also accommodates wine crates, liquor bottles and other items. An adjacent space features tall integrated cabinets in linoleum offering a peek of a wine refrigerator as well as a kitchen unit in the same design as the residence’s cosy hand-crafted kitchen.



Wine room, Storage


Bespoke, Solid, Dinesen, GH Tall Cabinets


Oak, Linoleum, Natural Oil