The Flower Artist’s Home in Japan

Danish flower artist Nicolai Bergmann has lived in Japan since 1998 and combines Japanese and Scandinavian expressions in everything from lavish flower creations to the interior design of his home. As a main theme in his architect-designed summer residence in Hakone at the foot of Mount Fuji, wood was a natural choice, including a Garde Hvalsøe hand-crafted kitchen that celebrates the best of nature. The house is surrounded by wild nature, which can be enjoyed up close from inside the kitchen, which is made of Dinesen HeartOak, three drawers tall, supplemented with tall black cabinets in another natural material, linoleum. The hand-crafted kitchen island is two drawers tall to underscore its furniture character and to create a calm counterbalance in the tall-ceilinged room.  





Solid, Dinesen, GH Tall Cabinets


HeartOak – Dinesen Oak, Natural oil, Linoleum