Our Signature

There is a certain rhythm to a Garde Hvalsøe design. A fundamental recognizability, an uncompromising pursuit of excellence, a reflection of our passion for cabinetmaking and craftsmanship.

Ever since the company was founded in 1990, the core of Garde Hvalsøe has been the dedicated crafting of bespoke interior solutions. The classic virtues from the Danish crafts and design tradition are in our blood, and we approach our work exactly as we did in 1992, when the first Garde Hvalsøe kitchen was created as a study of quality, simplification and the art of furniture making.

We live and breathe for uncompromising quality and sublime craftsmanship. And we are just as ambitious in our endeavour to fuse functionality with beauty as we are generous in sharing our skills and experience. We aim to make it an extraordinary experience for our customers to explore dreams and details – and to see their dreams turned into exclusive reality in Denmark and around the world.

To us, it is essential to stay true to the rhythm that is our signature. Therein lies the key to creating the world of tomorrow, which – in our understanding of life and craft – has to be built of quality materials in honest, thoughtful designs with a timeless beauty to be appreciated by generations to come.

Creating Your Dream

To transform your dreams and ideas into a unique interior solution we work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way.

Our solutions are based on personal dialogue and a process that, like our furniture, is custom-designed for you, because every project comes with its own challenges and possibilities. It also makes a difference whether the location is in Denmark or abroad. What never varies is that we leave nothing to chance and that we remain dedicated to your project, right until the presentation of the finished result and even beyond.

We work from Denmark, where we can keep a close eye on the local production of all Garde Hvalsøe furniture. And we personally handle the delivery, installation and hand-over of all projects. That is our key to securing sublime quality.

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