Designed and Crafted

Garde Hvalsøe is the essence of timeless design, an enduring aesthetic expression that feels modern now – and always.

We create holistic solutions that bring life and craft together in everything from kitchens and wardrobes to bespoke furniture and complete interiors, all with exquisite quality as the common denominator. An interior solution from Garde Hvalsøe can be scaled to the exact level a project calls for, including comprehensive contracts. We work with leading architects and interior designers to translate requests and ideas into unique expressions rooted in the Nordic design tradition, considering and refining every single detail until the project is finished.  

Garde Hvalsøe is a celebration of the craftsmanship and simple expression that cabinetmakers and other artisans have refined over generations. Every single piece of furniture and every bespoke interior is brought to life by skilled hands. We collaborate closely with carefully selected cabinetmaking workshops, stonemasons and smiths motivated by their professional pride. Many of them have worked hands-on with our designs for years. Because they master their trade to perfection and because we value continuity and community. We also work closely together with braziers, upholsterers and leather workers to take bespoke solutions to new heights.

Garde Hvalsøe is designed and crafted to provide settings for life and exclusive experiences.


In every encounter with a unique piece of material we aim for a combination of authenticity and perfection. From the selection of quality and appearance to material combinations. From the first wood shaving hits the floor until the final coat of oil has been applied. 

The passion for wood is a primeval drive, and cabinetmaking and wood are accompanied by carefully selected materials of a similar classic beauty. Marble and other natural stones for their cool, elegant expression that complements the warm expression of the wood. Linoleum for its pleasant tactual qualities. Iron, copper and brass for contrast and accent.  

Garde Hvalsøe’s universe is based on natural materials that provide inspiration due to their textural quality, diversity and historical roots. The grain in old Danish oak tells the story of life in the wood over hundreds of years, while the veins and fossils in the natural stone tell the story of the very creation of earth. Treated with love and respect, these materials will continue to be sources of vitality and beauty well into the future.

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